This site aims to break the silence on the economic crimes committed with magistrates' power which violate their Oath to observe the Constitution and with the power of lawyers which deceive privileges which bind them to the Courts.

The site is organized in the following way :

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oath betrayal
Swiss underworld executive


On the basis of current examples, the generic tab introduces the economic crime in Switzerland generated by the executives of the Swiss underworld (magistrates who violate their Oath to observe the federal Constitution)
It presents the international indignation in front of methods of the Swiss underworld. It introduces the perfidy of Micheline Calmy-Rey who makes inviolable the secret of lawyers within the framework of economic crimes. It shows how the smooth running of the federal Constitution is obstructed by the betrayal of Oath.

Le Serment
Perfidy case of Calmy-Rey
Swiss Values and Fundamentals Rights
Supreme law : The Consitution
Means allowing to obstruct the smooth running of the Constitution
Privileges granted to the lawyers which violate the Constitution
The tab homepage presents the example of the Perfidy of Micheline Calmy-Rey used to cover a crime of the Swiss underworld involving a Swiss hotshot lawyer and a President of the federal Court.
It reminds the functioning of the federal Constitution, it shows how the executives of the underworld obstruct the smooth running of the Constitution by the implementation of disloyal procedures.
Swiss Values


The tab Swiss Values resumes the list of the fundamental rights which every sworn magistrate has to respect in all the decisions which he takes.
For every decision taken by a magistrate, every citizen can take this list and verify if the decision of the magistrate respects the points of the list. Should the opposite occur, the magistrate is not honorable. It is an executive of the Swiss underworld.

Swiss Leader Values



The tab Swiss Leaders Values presents some personalities and their Values. It aims at making visible the loyal politicians to our country but also the members of the Swiss underworld
Oath /Betrayal




The tab Oath/betrayal, is the certificate delivered by a sworn magistrate where he confirms that he respected his Oath to honor the Constitution for a decision concerning precise facts.
It is the addressee of the decision who asks the questions to the magistrate. It allows the Swiss citizens to have a direct control that the magistrates respect their Oath.




The tab Contact gives an address of contact for every person who would wish a right of reply for a corrective.
It is also an address of contact for all the worried people by the acts of the Swiss underworld and that wish for example to make an initiative for a law anti-underworld which would be under the direct control of the people !





Site Map



The tab site map is the active tab  


On the choice of the tab Oath/Betrayal :

Reminder :

The Swiss underworld is as all the underworlds of the world. It uses the violation of Oath, the code of silence, the intimidation and reprisals to commit its crimes. Its executives occupy key positions to the Confederacy.
As all the underworlds of the world, the main role of the Swiss underworld executives is to obstruct the smooth running of the Constitution by the implementation of useless, disloyal and excessive procedures.

The Achilles' heel of all the underworlds is the violation of the constitutional Rights with disloyal procedures. To break the OMERTA, on the crimes committed by the underworld, you should not discuss " respect for procedures " because they were vitiated at the source, but " respect of supreme law or fundamental rights". Indeed the procedures have to respect the supreme law. The latter being voted by the people, it cannot be easily alienated by the underworld.

Example (Hildebrand case)
In December, 2011, Philipp Hildebrand, director of the Swiss national Bank, is suspected with the cooperation of his wife of insider trading for a financial transaction. Elements of proof are supplied by one of the national Councillors. On the ethical plan, this national Councillor made its civic duty. It is the duty for which waits every citizen who elected him. The citizens do not want state employees who violate the Values of the Constitution.
January 9th, 2012, Philipp Hildebrand recognizing that the transaction was incompatible with the ethics of its director's position resigned. He respected the will of our nation.

On the other hand the Swiss underworld asserted that he had the right to make the transaction because the code of procedure of the bank did not mention explicitly this transaction interdiction. Nevertheless the Swiss underworld knows that the supreme law of the country did not allow Philipp Hildebrand to make this transaction. P. Hildebrand being a senior official of the State, he had to respect the supreme law. The argument that a code of procedure did not plan the case while the supreme law prohibited it, is a typical approach of the Swiss underworld for committing and justifying crime with vitiated procedures.

More still, the Swiss underworld is going to attack the national Councillor which supplied the elements of proof by blaming him for the violation of the bank secrecy. Nevertheless this national Councillor respected its Oath not to discriminate between the citizens by turning a blind eye to the economic criminality committed by a senior official at the head of one of the Swiss institutions.


Swiss underworld Strategy

The Swiss underworld always justifies a decision by a suite of vitiated procedures which it applied. As soon as we ask it to give evidence that these procedures respect the will of our nation and the guaranteed rights by the federal Constitution, it keeps silent! Nevertheless these procedures used by the Swiss underworld have to respect the supreme Right !

Both in the affair Hildebrand and in the affair of the CS in front of the American Senate, we did not blame Mr. Hildebrand nor Mr Dougan to have respected the procedures of the banks, because it was not the issue.

We asked them if they had respected the supreme law. Neither the one, nor the other one had respected it.


On this site we chose to ask the sworn magistrates to certify us that they respected their Oath. It will avoid them telling us that they respected vitiated procedures for covering organized crime.

It is the role of the tab Oath/betrayal to make a control that sworn magistrates respect their Oath.