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Me Gilbert KOLLY, Federal Court President


This site aims to break the silence on the economic crimes committed with magistrates' power which violate their Oath to observe the Constitution and with the power of lawyers which deceive privileges which bind them to the Courts.



Me KOLLY is the President of the federal Court. He sweared to respect personally the guaranteed fundamental rights by the federal Constitution in all the decisions which he takes. Better than whoever, he knows how the guaranteed rights by the federal Constitution can be violated by using unsuitable, vitiated procedures and by pushing aside cunningly in a written judgment, the facts which show the violation of the constitutional fundamental rights.

With his position at the head of the federal Court, only his ethics and the respect of his Oath can assure the respect of the guaranteed fundamental rights by the federal Constitution. It is thus essential that he confirms the respect of his Oath for the cases of authority abuses which he has been requested to handle.

Today, USA, France, Germany do not have any more confidence in the ethics of the Swiss leaders. In 2007, Bradley Birkenfeld showed how the Swiss institutions could set up vitiated procedures established on the use of the professional secrecy of banks to commit criminality with complete impunity. In 2011, Micheline Calmy-Rey gave more means to banks to commit economic criminality by her perfidy. She reduced the power of the federal Council within the framework of economic crimes committed by screen lawyers which use the power of the federal Court to commit their crimes.

The case quoted here is exactly a case of crimes committed with screen lawyers which are using the power of the Swiss Courts to commit their authority abuse. For this case, the ethics of Me KOLLY and the confirmation of the respect of his Oath is going to be a study case with international impact.

If ME KOLLY does not respect the constitutional fundamental rights in its decision, practically everything treaties and agreements which signs the federal Council with other countries can be violated with cunning procedures.

The case discussed here

This is a case where there is already evidence of the violation of constitutional rights by the relations that bind lawyers to the courts. As evidence of violations of fundamental constitutional rights is already made, the President of the Federal Court can only notice the abuse of power and take measure to stop disloyal procedures that clearly violate fundamental rights in this case.

It is an example of the consequences of Micheline Calmy-Rey's perfidy. Micheline knew that the legislator did not plan the case where lawyers use the relations which bind them to the Courts for committing crimes with the power and protection of the Courts by using screen lawyers.

As Presidentin of the Confederacy, she must propose immediately a law to the federal Assembly for assuring that the victims of such crimes have access to independent and neutral Courts with sworn magistrates who must respect the guaranteed fundamental rights by the Swiss Constitution. She did not make it on the contrary she strengthened the power of the Swiss underworld lawyers which use the power of the Courts for committing crimes.

The request of Oath Confirmation to Federal Court President

Me KOLLY is made attentive that the vitiated rulings coming from the Court result come from particularly serious acts of abuses of authority.

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The follow-up of the request

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