What are the ethics Values of our leaders? How do they apply our constitutional Values ?


Discours d'Evelyne


Our leaders assert respecting the constitutional Values. They quote the control which the federal Court can exercise on their activities to give evidence that they respect the constitutional Values. Nevertheless, it is necessary to underline that it is them who gave rules to the Courts for verifying the respect of the constitutional Values. It is also them, who appoint the magistrates, there is no divisions of powers. Furthermore, they cunningly planned exceptions in the constitutional Values respect rules for permitting criminality for the members of their network. In particular by having set up the Swiss brotherhoods law they discriminate citizen and violate the european Convention on Human Rights !
Discover on this site the ethics Values of our leader with unpublished documents and their position in front of the Swiss brotherhoods law.
Discover the trick of procedures implemented by our highest Swiss leaders for allowing the richest men to violate the respect of constitutional Values !